Marna Shopoff

Marna Shopoff is a visual artist with an emphasis on abstract painting and intuitive drawing. Interested in the concepts of design and spatial relationships, her work explores the idea of perception, place identity, and visual memory. 

Jee Won Park

"I’m a 25-year-old South Korean girl based in Rome. I’ve never studied digital art nor attended art-related courses, but I’ve always loved editing photos to reproduce the colours, lights and 'moods' I see or imagine while taking photos with my iPhone."

Evgenia Medvedeva

"I am a Russian-born and U.K.-based artist and womenswear designer. I started drawing a year ago when I moved to London to do the fashion course. Ever since, drawing has been a kind of a meditation to me.

Amanda Manitach

"My work revolves around drawing, specifically making marks with the body. It’s about the process and physicality involved in embroidering marks to make a statement that vacillates between the poles of vulgar, violent, gorgeous.