Valerie Coursen

"I drew and painted as a child then in high school I took the train to Boston U. for figure drawing classes on Saturdays. Four years at RISD was a time of exploration and managing the student-run coffee shop as well as organizing art shows."

Amanda Yamashita

Amanda Yamashita is a fiber artist who creates massive sculptures and installations. She was born in Laguna Beach, CA and is a graduate of Biola University where she earned her BFA in studio art.

Michele Kishita

Michele Kishita is a Philadelphia-based artist who grew up in the vastly different landscapes of rural Central Pennsylvania and the Arizona desert. She uses colors found in nature that are not typically associated with “natural” colors and focuses on water as her primary subject.

Chris Guest

Chris Guest is a London based artist.

He creates paintings in a classic figurative tradition, coupled with a contemporary twist, utilising classical drawing and oil painting techniques, learnt at London Fine Arts in Battersea.