Kate Banazi

Concentrating on the art of silk screen printing, she has worked from art based practice through to fashion, music, illustration and advertising. Her work is experimental, intuitive and often playful, with bold colour and graphic elements a key reference. Science, space travel and colour theory hold great interest and are often referenced in her work.

Studio Sundays: Megan Coonelly

I am interested in all sorts of habits, and these play out in my work. They show up as painted imagery. These images overlap and intertwine, in obvious and less obvious ways, utilizing the techniques of thick paint or thin paint. In my work I look to a variety of habits, routines and rituals as to inform the performance of painting. M

Sarah Daya

Daya has been heavily influenced by the imaginary worlds that she created for herself as a child. Sarah spent much of her childhood in the solitude of nature where she discovered her fascination with her own body’s connection to the earth.