Andrew Hem

The paintings of Andrew Hem will draw you in to their elaborate worlds, with each figure appearing as a fully rounded character that keeps you searching the canvas for his or her narrative. 

Frank Gonzales

The paintings of Frank Gonzales take on an environment all their own, as he combines incredible mixtures of bird species, bones, crystals and plant life to create a terrarium-like space on the canvas.

Interview: Tom French

'Born in 1982, Tom French grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Tom began his studies at the Newcastle School of Art and Design and went on to graduate from the Sheffield Institute of Art and Design achieving a first class BA Honors in 2005. 

Interview: Anna Valdez

As a visual artist with an academic background in anthropology, and video, I view artists as cultural producers. In my work, I attempt to combine these practices into a specific investigation that cultivates not only personal identity, but also cultural meaning

Philip Colbert

Living and working in London, Colbert is known for his multi-disciplinary approach, creating a "World of Art" working across sculpture, painting, clothing and performance to create a unique contemporary voice. 

Charles Clary

Charles Clary’s paper-cut sculptural creations are constructed from hundreds of individual sheets of paper, forming a complicated layering of shapes and colours that are so complex that one would assume the cuts were made by machine. However, each single sheet is meticulously hand cut by Clary using just a simple X-Acto knife.

Lori Nelson

Lori Nelson’s work captures abnormal adolescence along with the strain and strangeness of growing up. Her coming of age series Cryptotweens creates an peculiar world where skin is replaced with scales, fluffy pink lasers come out of eyes, and magical squirrels can be your best companions.