Philip Colbert

Living and working in London, Colbert is known for his multi-disciplinary approach, creating a "World of Art" working across sculpture, painting, clothing and performance to create a unique contemporary voice. 

Charles Clary

Charles Clary’s paper-cut sculptural creations are constructed from hundreds of individual sheets of paper, forming a complicated layering of shapes and colours that are so complex that one would assume the cuts were made by machine. However, each single sheet is meticulously hand cut by Clary using just a simple X-Acto knife.

Lori Nelson

Lori Nelson’s work captures abnormal adolescence along with the strain and strangeness of growing up. Her coming of age series Cryptotweens creates an peculiar world where skin is replaced with scales, fluffy pink lasers come out of eyes, and magical squirrels can be your best companions.

Interview: Charlotte Keates

Since leaving Falmouth University with her BA First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art, Charlotte Keates has exhibited extensively throughout the UK as well as AAF Stockholm in 2016. Recent exhibitions include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize Exhibition
at The Mall Galleries London. Charlotte’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Art Maze Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Harpers Baazar and The Jealous Curator.

Interview: Tubs

An interview with Tubs, a Chicago street artist whose densely packed hand lettering creates distinct and energetic patterns in works ranging from mid-sized canvases to monumental murals.

Interview: Daisy Patton

From Los Angeles, California, Daisy Patton moved back and forth between Oklahoma and California during her childhood. She spent much of her early years reading adventure and detective tales, history and art history books, and ghost stories. Patton’s practice is focused on history, memory, and social commentary stemming from this youth soaked in such specific cultural landscapes.

Interview: Other Art Fair Founder Ryan Stanier

From the 30th of March to the 2nd of April 2nd, The Other Art Fair was in London, where visitors could see and purchase incredible art from around the world. The element that really sets this fair apart is the presence of the artists themselves, which provides an opportunity for the visitors to find out the meaning behind each piece, forming an exciting energy amongst the crowds. T

Interview: Natalia Fabia

A graduate of the Art Center College of Design, Natalia Fabia began showing her art in group exhibitions around Los Angeles in the early 2000’s, establishing herself as a contender in the figurative painting arena. Using her surroundings and life as a rich garden of inspirations, Fabia began making colorful, sultry scenes filled with people, lush environments, ornate fashion, light, interiors, glamour, graffiti, landscapes, punk rock music and an unapologetic sexiness entirely her own.