Interview: Sara Genn

Sara Genn is a Canadian-born artist living in New York City. She exhibits in Canada and the US, with collectors in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. She graduated with a BFA from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario in 1994. Genn has been showing her work professionally since the age of 18 and sold out her first solo exhibition at the age of 19. 

Interview: Mira Sestan

Mira Sestan is a New York based paper artist. Her meticulous paper compositions resemble nature’s beautiful patterns. She only uses two colors, black and white, as that’s often how she sees the world. Each of her pieces is cut and assembled by hand and layered on top of one another. Due to its detailed nature, her work takes months to produce and creating it becomes a meditative process.

Interview: Jen Mann

"In the society of ‘me’, where we document ourselves like celebrities and share our lives online for everyone, the self is a prevalent, and important topic to our generation. Our identities are curated like our online profiles to reflect only the parts of ourselves we choose to keep alive."

Interview: Linden Eller

Born in 1984, Linden spent her youth in the urban Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Southern California to obtain her BA in Studio Art. She’s since lived and worked out of New England, Europe, India, Australia, Samoa, New Zealand, and currently Japan. 

Interview: Shea Chang

Currently based in Toronto, Chang’s cross-disciplinary practice is in rooted in art, design and art-education. Stemming from a background in illustration and informed by her pluralistic immersion in urban/ rural environments, and by her multi-racial and queer identity, her work investigates the relationship with nature as a passage of self-reflection and understanding one’s own personal narrative.

Interview: Kay Healy

Through her drawn, screen printed, and stuffed fabric installations, Kay Healy investigates themes of home, displacement, and loss. Healy is an artist and educator originally from Staten Island, NY and received a BA from Oberlin College, and a MFA from the University of the Arts in Book Arts and Printmaking.

Interview: Alexandra Levasseur 

Born in Mauricie (Québec) in 1982, Alexandra Levasseur earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design at the University of Costa Rica in 2006. She then moved to Barcelona and completed post-graduate studies in Illustration and Techniques of Visual Communications at the EINA School of Art and Design in 2008.

Andrew Hem

The paintings of Andrew Hem will draw you in to their elaborate worlds, with each figure appearing as a fully rounded character that keeps you searching the canvas for his or her narrative.