Ana Vieira de Castro

"My images are portraits and self-portraits photographed in natural and humanized places, where I study the behaviour of the human body as an identity in each of these places, where the body has the main focus.

Bodil Jane

Dutch illustrator Bodil Jane creates irresistible, flat patterns filled with delicious colors in her scenes of confident women. In her illustrations, women are free to inhabit their own space, especially in her series appropriately titled “GIRLBO$$.”

Bryan Schnelle

"I'm interested in religion, consumerism, advertising, and the place where those things intersect. In recent years, I've been using various collage techniques to explore the overbearing power and influence of money in a shallow, greed-soaked culture and the appropriation of commodity-driven evaluations of success as an organized religion of sorts.

Mária Švarbová

Mária Švarbová is a photographer currently based in Slovakia. Her distinctive style departs from traditional portraiture and focuses on experimentation with space, colour, and atmosphere. Taking an interest in Socialist era architecture and public spaces, Mária transforms each scene with a modern freshness that highlights the depth and range of her creative palette.

Bernadette Despujols

Despujols works with a diverse variety of materials, scales and strategies, intervening and assembling objects, working in small format paintings or large participatory sculptures, which complete an acute body of work that questions gender, the perception of women by society and themselves.